Hi, I am Serena!

I’m a User Experience and Interface Designer currently based in Zürich.

I believe in equal rights and opportunities. Working for human-centric digitalisation means to me contributing to equal access to services, information, and education.


Italian, I grew up in a family with a special bond with Art throughout all of its forms and surrounded by natural and anthropomorphic beauty. I am curious, a hungry reader and traveler, with a high interest in technology and behaviour.

I have a background in:
• Cultural and Environmental Heritage, where I learned above all the importance of Aesthetics and context in ideation;
• Travel Design, where I mastered customer research to design user-tailored travel experiences.
• Sales, where I developed my soft skills in customer experience, having the customer at the centre of the journey;
• User Experience, Interaction, and Interface Design, where I can finally cooperate in digitalisation, and therefore to inclusion, equal access to services, information, and education too. 

A bit more

I spend my free time mostly outdoor skiing and hiking, but also explore cities’ corners, and tasting opportunities!

I travel as much as I can. Although all the places I visited so far enriched me, I feel a special bond with one in particular: Japan.


There is always a good book to read around me. Always more than one to be honest. The ones below are of course focused on my career, and I can recommend them to understand a bit more about the fabulous world of Design.

Thanks for visiting,  
If you want to start a discussion or to reach me 
for a job opportunity, please 
contact me here: serenatomassetti001@gmail.com