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What & why

Design Task for the application process at

Business Case Scenario

I have been asked to conduct a study to understand how collection of food at restaurants in Switzerland works and what the restaurant’s needs are. In particular: identifying their workflow, understanding how the platform fits into their daily operations, and identifying opportunities to help improve our offering.

Collection of food from restaurants is important to for two main reasons:

  • The research shows that normally people pick up food on their way home on average 4 times a
    month. We could help make that process better for our customers.
  • Collection helps to provide a new selection of restaurants to customers that might
    not be available for delivery, leading to increased order volumes for our business and
    restaurant partners.

Some key points

  • Today the platform is based on delivery workflows and address for delivery. For restaurants and customers doing collection this might not work, since the restaurant can be very far from the delivery address.
  • Customers normally do pick up during lunch time (restaurants near the office) and on their way home (restaurants that are en route home).
  • Customers during lunch are more price- and speed-sensitive.

The task

Prepare a presentation which addresses the following:

  • Gain understanding of the collection workflow from receiving an order to customer pickup.
  • Identify key differences between delivery and collection customer journeys.
  • Identify opportunity areas for in the food collection area.
  • Include an example of a collection customer journey you have identified.


Persona for Business

User flow

The diagram shows the flow from the moment the user receives the notification of a pick-up order, until the moment the order is successfully picked-up from our user’s customer.

Concept user journey

This user journey diagram is meant to show the pain points and happy moments of the user during the above described user flow.


Here the link to the prototype. I recommend to look at it using a Desktop-device.

Link to Prototype



This short presentation is meant to show how I would have approached this digital B2B product.